Data Recovery

The best solution to prevent data loss it to regularly back up your data and files. But your only human and you thouhht it would not happen to you. But now, its happened, you have lost your data and files. What do you do? Read our guide below, for tips on what to do.

Data Loss

Steps To Take When You’ve Lost Your Data

So you have just realised you have lost data? First step is dont panic and seek help. If you have deleted files it is possible they are in the trash bin or recently deleted folder of your device. Take note of the time of the loss if you know, it may help to understand where to look to recover data. If you loss is because of a more complicated even than a simple delete error, do not save anythiing if possible and do not turn your device off. But instead get in touch with an expers such as Humber Computers, who may be able to prevent furhter loss and probably can recover your data.

Do not panick

Try to remember what happened

Do not save any data if possible

Avoid turning your device off

Seek professional help as soon as you can


Preventing Data Loss

In todays world, data is a big part of life, your pictures, contacts, emails, documents,  and downloads – the list  is long. Having a regular backups is the best solution you can have,  a daily, weekly and monthly schedule  is a great way to reduce the impact of data loss, We can provide cost effective solutions for local, cloud backups and combination of the two.



What People Are Saying

I lost all of my files and pictures. But Humber Computers were able to recover my pictures. I am so glad I got in touch. They were so helpful and sorted the problem out in no time.

Theresa Jones

Hull Uni

We had an incident and lost lots of customer data, we recovered some of it with their help. They helped us set up a cloud storage and back-up plan and it was a fair price.

Martin Parsons

Scunthorpe Call Centre